Shiatsu at home

Enjoy the luxury to be treated in the familiar environment of your home. Make the most of relaxation by not having to travel across the stressful city.

Mobile Shiatsu on the treatment chair

The ergonomic treatment chair allows an uncomplicated application, where Shiatsu is needed “in between”: on the job, on fairs, as special event for your celebrations. Already 20 min Shiatsu in this comfortable and joint resting position can lead to deep relaxation. Contrary to massages the clients remain dressed and no oil is used. Therefore it can be perfectly integrated into everyday work situations. For larger meetings/companies/events I can also organize a team of Shiatsu-Therapist. Contact me!


By the way: Companies have the possibility to write off the costs against tax for the health care of the coworkers (§3 Nr.34 EstG).

Gift vouchers

Are you searching for a suitable gift idea? Give away moments of well-being and health! Personalized coupons are to be acquired with me.

60 min 70 €


Call-out fee  
Friedrichshain  -
Prenzlauer Berg, Kreuzberg, Mitte 10 €